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Responsive to all the latest marketing trends, LS Media and Marketing can provide total social media management and support services to both start-ups and SMEs alike. With social media now being an essential part of any brand’s communications and marketing strategy, it’s important that its power is explored for your organisation.

Experienced in all areas of organic social media, we can provide you with eye-catching graphics and engaging content that targets and nurtures your organisation’s target audience on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram – helping you take them from prospect to customer.


Dependent on the level of social media support you need, we can completely manage your social channels and develop monthly social media calendars for your business (with all written content, graphics and hashtag research). However, if you just need a little bit of support, we can provide you with a calendar of suggested social topics and ideas.

We can also carry out monthly engagement on your social platforms, ensuring your brand is relevant and active whilst organically growing connections and followers.

Yes! In fact, not utilising social media may actually work against you. Having a social media presence is simply expected of any reputable business or brand these days.

Whether you use social media to communicate with customers, generate leads or stay ‘active’ online, social media is most definitely beneficial to your business in one way or another.

We’ll be straight up, developing an organic, substantial social media presence isn’t a quick process. The key to successfully and organically growing your social media platforms is through a mixture of patience, time, quality content, and engagement.

Don’t buy in (seriously, don’t buy followers) to the idea that lots of followers equals success. You could have thousands of followers, but if only 5 of those followers engage with your content monthly and contribute to you achieving whatever goals you may have set, all those other followers could seem useless!

You can see examples of our work across all services via our portfolio.

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